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The biggest announcements from Adobe Summit 2022

Adobe Summit is back for 2022!

The world’s biggest digital experience conference is back on our computer screens – and to keep you two steps ahead of the trends, we’ve collated the biggest announcements from this year’s conference, all in one handy blog post.

Why are these announcements important?

With the backing of Adobe, it’s no surprise Adobe Summit attracts some of the best speakers from across the globe. With the world’s leading eCommerce experts on the bill, plus research and forecasting informed by the enormous amount of data Adobe has access to, it’s no surprise that this conference accurately predicts trends year after year.

We at JH encourage all our staff to attend every year – and we’ve often had speaking slots on the schedule – because it’s a key opportunity for us to stay ahead of the trends across our industry. Sneak peeks of upcoming Adobe features mean we can start figuring out (and planning for) those which will affect our clients – and spotting new ideas and hearing inspiring stories from successful retailers helps us bring fresh insights to the table.

And now, onto 2022’s biggest announcements…

The biggest announcements from Adobe Summit 2022

The biggest announcements from Adobe Summit 2022

No – we didn’t time travel to get this information! We did however, watch the opening keynote live – and here are all the biggest announcements and takeaways…

The future of eCommerce

Adobe always share some of their predictions for the year ahead, and the 2022 Opening Keynote was no different!

Unprecedented digital growth

Based on current sales data, Adobe predict that the USA alone will surpass $1trillion in eCommerce sales in 2022.

The shift to digital has also provided unprecedented investment in AI and machine learning, and the impact of this is clear – AI is featured in many of the announcements for different Adobe tools and applications below.

The digital economy will become more personal

Adobe’s best advice – and the maxim they strive for within their organisation – is to make the digital economy personal.

They describe this as:

  • Experiences should be real-time
  • Customer journeys should be seamless across all channels

Businesses will now be judged on their ability to personalise at scale – leveraging data in real-time, to hyper-personalise those experiences across every channel, online and offline. But, crucially – in a way that respects the customer’s privacy, and delivers value to them each time.

Adobe also predict that first-party data will become the lifeblood of all marketers, making building trust with your customers more important than ever.

Adobe’s platform is growing year-on-year

Also announced was a huge 300% customer growth in 2021 for the Adobe Experience Platform – the underlying platform that powers all the applications on Adobe Experience Cloud, which is used today by 3 in 4 fortune 100 companies. 

And here’s some fun trivia for you – Adobe Summit now runs exclusively on Adobe Experience Cloud, to personalise the entire experience based on your industry! What better way to showcase all their tools, and practice what they preach?

Adobe Commerce announcements

Adobe Commerce merchants can now leverage AI to showcase products in recommendations or search to help improve conversions – based on customer browsing data, product features, visual elements, and popular trends.

More Adobe Commerce announcements to follow in upcoming Summit sessions include:

  • Audience orchestration
  • AI-based offer optimisation
  • Experience optimisation
  • Dynamic chat (see Adobe Marketo Engage announcements for more)
  • Predictive lead and account scoring
  • Payment services for Adobe Commerce
  • Marketo Sales Insight actions
  • Marketo measure integration
  • Mobile in-app experiences
  • Store fulfilment by Walmart Commerce technologies
  • Channel manager for Adobe Commerce with Walmart Marketplace Integration
  • Product recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei

Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform announcements

Adobe’s enterprise-grade CDP, built on the Adobe Experience Platform, already delivers 24+ trillion segmentation evaluations every day – but will now also integrate with Adobe Target, to help merchants analyse and action insights, delivering on-site and in-app personalisation in real time.

The Real-time CDP Connections has also been upgraded, and can deliver real-time data even faster than before – with a lightning-fast API that collects data from multiple sources in the blink of an eye.

B2B brands can also make use of this CDP – Adobe Sensei has been leveraged here to deliver real-time predictions on the prospects most likely to convert, so merchants can be sure they are pursuing the right leads.

Adobe Journey Optimiser announcements

Adobe Journey Optimiser expands, adding omnichannel features to the platform, to let you further personalise experiences across all channels – including email, SMS, mobile push, and mobile in-app experiences – plus website connectivity coming later in 2022.

Plus, new expanded message experimentation capabilities give merchants even more options than before to discover and deliver the right message, at the right time.

A new Audience Portal offers the power to refine, build, optimise and target specific audiences with campaigns across all channels, with a clear, visual interface.

New AI and machine learning capabilities bring enhanced decisioning to the platform too – optimising the experience for a customer at any point in their journey, based on your business goals.

And lastly, AI can now be used to optimise offers, to show the right deals to customers that will ensure they convert, while keeping hold of your profit margins.

Adobe Analytics announcements

The integration with Adobe Experience Manager has been deepened, allowing you to view real-time analytics on how your content is performing, optimise campaigns, and deliver the best content to every customer.

There is also a new Data Stories feature in the Adobe Analytics Dashboard, helping you feel empowered and in control of your data, and make informed business decisions.

Adobe Experience Manager announcements

Adobe Workfront and Enterprise Creative Cloud now integrate fully with Experience Manager Assets to help seamless end-to-end content production and delivery.

Marketers can now also leverage AI, through Adobe Sensei, directly in Experience Manager, to help repurpose content using smart tagging, cropping and imaging features.

Adobe Marketo Engage announcements

Adobe Marketo Engage is the go-to for B2B brands using automation and ABM marketing – and it welcomes new and improved features too.

Smarter and newly integrated intelligence capabilities help to ensure you are always pursuing and prioritising the prospects most likely to convert.

A new Dynamic Chat feature supports you to build better chatbot experiences – recommending best chat content and offering smart tools for creating conversation flows that support customers towards the right outcomes.

Which of these will affect you the most?

With all these new announcements to prepare for, it’s likely that your roadmap might need a little tweaking. Is your eCommerce agency up to the task of taking you to the next level? If not, maybe we could be – we work with eCommerce brands across a range of industries who want to embrace digital innovation and stand out from their competitors.

If you’d like to find out how partnering with JH could move your business forward, give us a call on +44(0)115 7940060 or email us at