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3 PWA considerations for merchants

Progressive Web Apps are starting to make waves in the eCommerce community.

In fact, many web developers now agree that PWA is the future of the web and therefore, eCommerce as we know it.

This begs the question; what does PWA mean for online merchants, and what should you be considering if you want to stay two steps ahead with this technology? 

1. Is PWA the right choice, right now? 

If you are a merchant operating on the Magento platform, particularly Magento 1, it’s probably worth taking the leap to PWA before June 2020. The end of life for Magento 1 happens in June, and Migration to Magento 2 takes about the same amount of time, effort and not much less budget, so why wait? The same applies to those merchants looking to re-platform from a legacy-based platform to Magento; if you are coming into the Magento game, do it right. Get ahead by jumping straight into PWA.

2. How do I select the right web development team? 

Are you currently working with a team that can deploy a PWA transformation? PWA relies heavily on a top notch front-end development team and a back-end team that can support in making those solution integrations work . The relationship between them will determine how your project is delivered and if they can make that final push to the delivery line. 

The ‘proof is in the pudding’ when it comes to this, so you’ll need to ensure you’re working with an agency (or in-house team) that has experience of deploying successful Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce purposes. 

We were actually the first agency to successfully deploy a PWA on the Magento platform, and have since deployed multiple, very successful sites using this technology, so we know a thing or two about the common pitfalls and how to synchronize our team to meet unique businesses requirements. 

3. Is PWA right for my site and product catalogue? 

✅ Content Heavy Websites

If you use CMS pages, CMS blocks, integrated blogs, etc. You are one of the candidates that can’t miss out on a PWA transformation. A PWA will vastly improve your site speed and provide a more engaging experience for customers browsing your site. 

✅ Gigant Catalogues 

Do you possess an enormous amount of searchable products? If so, PWA is the perfect solution to solve this. Take a look at our PWA for Selco, a builders merchant with thousands of searchable products! 

❓ Third Party Modules

If your site is full to the brim with third party modules, it might be the time to do a cleanup. Modules that affect the backend (email, shipping, etc.) are not a problem, however, those affecting the front-end could cause issues with a PWA.


If you are married to your current hosting solution, it might not have enough room for a PWA transformation; this is not a definitive no go, but is something you should consider. 

Hopefully these 3 tips will give you a good idea on whether or not you should be considering a PWA. If you do have any more questions, or would like to schedule a demo to learn more, you can do so here!