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Adobe at Meet Magento UK 2021: What to expect…

Every year at Meet Magento UK, Adobe share with the community a slew of updates and tips for eCommerce merchants and developers – and this year promises to be no different! Plus, with the event hosted virtually this year and all sessions available on-demand post event, there’s no risk of you missing out on the knowledge you need to inform your business strategy for the year ahead.

For our pick of the Adobe talks, as well as what you can expect from each, keep on reading…

Keynote: Move over Millennials, there’s a new online shopper in town

With Peter Sheldon, Senior Director of Commerce Strategy at Adobe at the helm of the opening keynote, the conference is set to get off to a cracking start. After 14 months of pandemic-fueled, meteoric growth, what’s next in commerce? There’s no turning back, that’s for sure. Online buying is about to get a new tailwind: the Gen Z shopper. These true digital natives are poised to take a significant share of total retail spend and change the face of digital commerce. In this session, join Peter as he explores the impact that Gen Z will have through the remainder of the decade and how online merchants and brands will need to adapt to stay relevant for an audience that is focused on expression, truth, and dialog.

Marketplaces: Eat or be eaten

It’s very easy to put all your eggs in one basket – so to speak – when it comes to your eCommerce store; but what if you’re missing out on other revenue streams by discounting alternative marketplaces? In this session, Marion Freijsen, Strategic Business Advisor, Commerce Strategy Lead EMEA at Adobe will help you decide what approach is best for you. Expect to end the session with a greater understanding of why marketplaces are in such high demand, the role a marketplace could play in your online sales, knowledge of the key criteria to keep in mind when selecting the right marketplace for you, and how you might be able to compete with the top marketplaces, such as Amazon and Alibaba. A great session for successful merchants who might feel their growth is stagnating!

The Journey Begins – Adobe Commerce Roadmap

Want to get ahead on the next year’s updates? Tune in to Sharon Lambert’s talk to get the inside scoop on where Adobe Commerce is going over the next 12 months – and all the planned upgrades and extensions the team are working on. As the EMEA Partner Sales Engagement Manager at Adobe, Sharon has invaluable knowledge on what the roadmap means for both merchants and developers. Perfect to help plan your strategy and see what tips and tricks Adobe have in their toolbox to grow and sustain your eCommerce business – or to support your clients to do just that!

Headless Commerce with Magento PWA Storefront

PWA on your agenda? Then this is a session you won’t want to miss! Olena Tkacheva, Product Manager at Adobe – leading PWA and Page Builder initiatives – will cover the current status of Magento PWA Storefront, the needs the system solves for merchants, recent launches and updates as well as the current product roadmap. Because Olena works at the heart of this system, this is the perfect opportunity to get all your PWA questions answered during the Q&A – so come prepared!

How to reduce TCO by simplifying Adobe Commerce upgrades

All website owners know that their site will need regular updates and upgrades to stay secure and safe – but they sure can be a bit daunting! In this session, Adobe Commerce Product Manager Sandra Gonzalez Mangana will help build your confidence in developing your upgrade roadmap – covering planning ahead, best practices, exploring how Adobe is making upgrades simpler for their users, and even discussing successful use cases to inspire you (and maybe use as the perfect examples for future budget allocation!)

Static code analysis for executives

If you’ve got your upgrades covered – or you’re attending MM21UK as a team – it might also be worth checking out Anton’s talk on the Technical Track.

Written specifically to help managers and executives understand the importance of a healthy codebase, this talk will explore the risks of unstable and badly written code, and then show the solution Anton built to this problem for one of his clients. He’ll share exactly how you can do this exercise yourself, including the tools you can use to do so – it promises to be a high-level technical guide to keep your Magento codebase happy and healthy!

Who Moved My Magento (Cheese)?

Magento has gone through a lot of changes through the past few years, following its acquisition by Adobe. Change can often be hard to accept, but as Cloud Solution Architect Vikrant Shukla shares in his session, it’s an important part of growth and improvement. In this session, Vikrant will be sharing his thoughts on the importance of change in the ecosystem, and how it benefits everyone in the space. 

Closing keynote – Fireside chat on Commerce

To round off Adobe’s talks at Meet Magento UK 2021, as the closing keynote you’ll find THE Brian Green, Head of Commercial Sales & GTM for the EMEA region at Adobe, delivering a Fireside Chat on Commerce. Beginning with a ‘state of the union’ deep-dive about where Commerce is right now, and followed by a cosy fireside chat, this is definitely one you’ll want to catch – and as it’s broadcast simultaneously across all the tracks, you’ve no fear of missing other sessions to attend. After a day of insight into Adobe products and roadmaps, this is sure to be a perfect way to round off the day – and no doubt will include additional insight and tips useful for everyone working within eCommerce.

What are you most looking forward to at Meet Magento UK this year?

We can’t wait to see you at this year’s online event! Don’t forget to sign up for your FREE ticket to make sure you can access the talks on the day, and all the sessions on-demand post-event, too!