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Increasing conversions by 79% with a PWA-powered experience for Ireland’s largest DIY retailer


increase in conversions


increase in transactions


Average load time

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Inspiring Ireland’s DIY’ers for over 30 years 

Woodie’s is Ireland’s largest DIY, Home and Garden retailer. With over 35 stores, they have been a proud member of local Irish communities for over 30 years. 

Service and advice have long been a key part of Woodie’s offering and commitment to customers, and they were conscious to not lose sight of this when they launched their eCommerce store on Magento Enterprise back in 2016. 

Fast-forward 5+ years and their desire to stay ahead of competitors whilst servicing Ireland’s DIY’ers has not faltered. 

Key services

  • Discovery Workshop
  • UX & UI Design Services
  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration
  • PWA Headless Architecture

Discovery workshops

The first step for Woodie’s was to carry out a comprehensive discovery and research phase. This enabled the retailer to identify and prioritise ‘pains and gains’ within their online capabilities. 

We led a series of virtual workshops with Woodie’s and carried out activities such as an analytics review, competitor analysis, usability testing, design audit,  and stakeholder interviews, which fed into a comprehensive set of strategic recommendations.

Improving the User Experience

The workshops enabled us to execute a complete redesign of the UX and UI to achieve a high-performing customer experience. We updated and modernised the overall look and feel of the Woodie’s site, as well implementing wide-ranging usability fixes. This involved working with third-party components and prototyping some of the key interactive touch-points to implement.

Migration to M2 with PWA functionality

Future-proofing eCommerce sites is integral to the growth of any retail business, and Woodie’s was no exception to the rule. Like many online retailers, Woodies were reactive with their decision to migrate to Magento 2, due to Magento 1 end of life. However, they were incredibly proactive with their decision to make the switch to headless architecture and implement a Progressive Web App. They knew that performance would become the biggest barrier when it came to their scalability in the future, so they invested in this technology to ensure their site would be a leader in their sector for many years to come. 

Although Woodie’s knew they wanted to keep the core functionality of the old site, we were able to future-proof this with an M2 Migration and PWA build. We replaced old, out-of-the-box plugins with custom built solutions and set the site up for click-and-collect delivery fulfilment. 

Third-party integrations

We implemented and updated a number of third-party integrations for the Woodie’s site including;

  • Hubspot CRM system
  • Microsoft Navision Integration
  • Adyen for payments
  • Algolia for search
  • Nosto for personalisation 
  • Yotpo for reviews
  • Scurri for delivery fulfilment
  • Apple Pay for mobile payments


Woodie’s now has a future-proof site with JH by their side to enable continued growth and stand out amongst competitors in their industry! The results were truly astonishing and speak for themselves…

79% increase in conversions

7% increase in transactions

47% decrease in load time

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