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Creating a uniform B2B user-journey for Workwear Express

B2B buyers aren’t so different to B2C, they still rely on consistent communication and transparency when purchasing products online. 

Workwear Express knows this first-hand, having cultivated a customer base of over 200,000 clients, serving businesses across 100+ countries in a variety of sectors. With a vast product portfolio from PPE to lab coats; they pride themselves on their customer service, top quality products, prompt delivery and excellent value – whether their customer is a small one-time buyer or a blue-chip giant. 

But in order to continue to grow their business further, Workwear knew something needed to be done to improve their user-journey online.

Varying businesses with varying requirements

The biggest challenge Workwear faced was that they were processing customisable product orders manually. 

Prior to the site re-build with JH, Workwear did not have the ability to approve, process and confirm customer orders that included artwork automatically through the site. When customers would submit artwork such as logos, Workwear’s internal team was required to communicate via phone or email with customers in order to approve artwork, order quantities and turnaround times. 

This led to longer lead times, more work for the team, a greater potential for human-error and frustrated customers who required a speedier turnaround time from click to delivery. 

Site speed was also a big issue for Workwear. Their product catalogue is vast and navigating a site with slow load-times was a paint-point for both customers and the internal team. 

Mapping out a more streamlined approach 

It was critical that we understood the in’s and out’s of Workwear’s processes so we could create a more streamlined buyer-journey for their customers. 

To do this, we led a series of technical discovery workshops that focused on Workwear’s current buyer-journey. We mapped out the entire experience from product selection to delivery and all the variants that come with a customisable product offering. We listed all pain-points and crafted solutions that would absolve these. This involved getting to know how Workwear’s payment gateway operated, and even how their embroidery and printing machines worked.

By the end of the discovery sessions we had devised a plan of action that would see Workwear fully automate their sales process utilising the best solutions and integrations for their business model. A more streamlined user-journey had been curated and now we needed to get to work and build it! 

Workwear Express' new PWA powered B2B customer portal brings many benefits to their business

A powerful PWA and B2B customer portal

We migrated the Workwear Express site from their current PHP custom platform to Magento 2.3.5 with Progressive Web App (PWA) functionality in order to boost speed and agility. Building the B2B site as PWA also means that Workwear can effectively scale for future growth, which will eventually include real-time customisations and approval on products! The PWA took only 4 months to build but has future-proofed Workwear’s B2B business for years to come. 

The process of artwork approval and confirmation is now fully automated using Magento. B2B buyers are now able to access the Workwear portal for their orders where all communications and information surrounding the status of their order, such as artwork approvals, order quantities and turnaround times, can be found at all times. The customer now also receives automated notifications at each stage of their buying-journey. They are also now empowered to manage their order, including re-proofing artwork. This has dramatically improved customer trust, cutting down on the amount of customer queries.  

As Workwear had also invested in new branding, we were able to both re-develop and redesign their site, delivering a completely re-engineered experience for both customers and the Workwear team.

And to top it all off, Workwear is now in the top 5 sites in the world for speed!

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