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How to have a very Merry eCommerce Holiday Season in 2022! 

Here’s how to prepare for this year’s holiday season in six steps…

In a matter of weeks, the holiday season will be in full swing, and being a Grinch won’t do you any favours! This is a critical time of year for your business if you’re an online retailer. And we’re here to help you make the most of it. By following these six steps, you’ll be able to have a very Merry eCommerce Holiday Season in 2022.

  • 1. Get organised early
  • 2. Choose the right products to promote
  • 3. Put Santa on your site 
  • 4. Create festive and engaging content
  • 5. Utilise key dates 
  • 6. Ship orders promptly and track them carefully

Get organised early

The rising cost of living means that it’s likely that customers will be hesitant with their spending in the upcoming holiday season. This is why it’s even more important to get planning early, not only to convert potential customers but to ensure that they have the support they need during a busy time. 

Choose the right products to promote

Once you’ve chosen the best products to promote, consider creating product bundles and upselling offers. 

You can boost your average order values (AOV) by bundling customer favourites into one purchase. Let’s say your average order value for one hot-selling product is £5, you can raise the AOV to £10 or £15 by bundling it with other items. Bundling your products and services in one package allows customers to get a better overall deal. More presents in the sleigh = happy days. 

Put Santa on your site

Meticulous inventory prep is one thing, but optimising your website is one of the most crucial things to do ahead of the festive season. Set up your website for optimal performance and you’ll be all set for the holiday season.

Spruce up your SEO by writing holiday-themed content to appear higher in search results for people who are looking to buy gifts. Remember to keep testing and updating throughout the festive season!

Utilise key dates

Black Friday 2022 will happen on November 25th this year. This means Cyber Monday will be on November 28th. By getting the word out early, you can create a stir around your brand and maximize your ROI. Customers have been known to start preparing for Black Friday up to 12 weeks in advance, so it’s wise to be proactive. Try using a PPC or SEO strategy along with some strong promotional materials.

Ship orders promptly and track them carefully

Many people don’t realise that peak shipping season begins in October and can continue until the new year. In order to avoid any delays or issues with a stocking at this time, be sure to communicate well with your suppliers. 

It’s also important to ramp up your customer service agents. With more orders than usual, you’ll want all hands on deck to support shoppers. Remember, customers also want to keep track of their orders, so offering order tracking and monitoring will make you all the more attractive to potential buyers!


The holidays are just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start preparing for the influx of shoppers. If you want to make the most of this busy season, follow these tips for a successful holiday retail campaign! 

By getting organised early, choosing the right products to promote, setting up your website for optimal performance, creating festive and engaging content, utilising key celebrations, and shipping orders promptly and tracking them carefully, you can ensure a profitable holiday season. Let’s go…(ho, ho!) 🎅