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6 signs your eCommerce roadmap isn’t working

An eCommerce roadmap is an overarching plan, often in the form of a visual communication tool (like a gantt chart) created to formalise the tools and tactics an eCommerce business is employing to reach their goals. A great roadmap aligns the various marketing, design, merchandising and development strategies involved in sustaining and growing an eCommerce business.

Sounds pretty critical, right?!

For growing eCommerce businesses, roadmaps are very critical! They provide (and formalise) strategic direction, and to push you towards your growth goals. They make sure that you and your partners are on the same page, and give you a tangible plan to work towards your business goals.

So, what are the tell-tale signs your roadmap isn’t working?

  1. Your team just has an endless list of ideas, but many are out of date, and nothing is being actioned
  2. It’s inconsistent, and it’s confusing to read, so much so that nobody on your team bothers to read it
  3. It’s missing the ‘Business-As-Usual’ stuff, which means bigger-scope projects keep getting derailed by patches and bug fixes
  4. There are no mention of dates, objectives or KPI’s, which makes it read more like an aspirational piece
  5. It’s ruled by one person, and not shared by your wider eCommerce team / agency. Obvious things will be missed!
  6. There is no scope in your roadmap for customer research, there is not much point in a roadmap if your customers aren’t at the heart of it

What can you do if one or more of the statements above is true of your roadmap?

We’ve seen plenty of eCommerce roadmaps in our time, and supported our clients with building theirs too. If you’d like a ‘second-pair of eyes’ to look over your roadmap, we’re on hand to help. Send us an email to