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6 ways to grow your eCommerce store with a ‘New Products’ page

Most eCommerce stores incorporate a ‘New Products’ page into their main navigation – but have you ever stopped and thought about exactly why your eCommerce store needs a ‘New In’ page? 

And how can you use this staple touchpoint to improve the experience for site visitors – and even increase conversion rates?

6 ways to grow your eCommerce store with a new products page

1. Inspire your returning customers

It’s not difficult to understand why a new products page could be one of the first stops for returning customers to your eCommerce store – they want to see which new must-haves were added since their last visit! Make it easy for them to peruse your newest launches with a dedicated page that’s easy to access – and personalise the experience with access to thoughtful filters so they can drill-down and find the products that interest them the most.

2. Use your New Products page to showcase a fast-changing eCommerce catalogue

Always adding new products to your online store? The ‘New In’ page is the ideal hotspot to point your customers towards! Using messaging like “100s of new products every week” or “New products every day” in your marketing will hammer home your fast-changing offering, and having a signposted and easy-to-find ‘New Products’ page will enable your customers to access your latest launches easily.

There’s no reason everything in your ‘New In’ category has to be a brand new product to your store. If you have products or ranges that you know sell well, but have been out of stock for a while, why not highlight them in your ‘New In’ section when you take delivery of your next shipment? Utilise ‘back in stock’ banners on the products to make them stand out even more amongst your latest releases.

4. Be a step (or two) ahead of your competitors

For retailers and stockists of third-party products sticking closely to RRPs, it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate your brand from others on the market. But what if you could be the fastest on the market to get those products in the warehouse, listed online, and visible to customers to shop? This is a great tactic for new and in-demand products, and you could get your sales off to a flying start simply by having products available a few hours before your competitors. This is where digital transformation comes into its own – the less manual work your staff have to do to get products ready for sale, the faster you can get them out the warehouse door and into the customers’ waiting hands.

5. Use a new products page to ement your eCommerce store as ‘the’ place to shop

If you pride your store on having the latest and greatest ideas, products and releases that customers really want – your ‘New Products’ page should be the ideal place to reflect that forward-thinking mentality. For new customers visiting you for the first time but with a knowledge of your industry, seeing the latest products shows them you’re a supplier that can provide them with the hottest launches and most exciting new product lines – no small feat!

6. Cross-sell other new launches with minimal effort

If you’re a retailer that stocks many different brands – or even 1000s of products – it’s not hard to reason that a customer might be unaware of some of them! A ‘New In’ page is a great place to display lots of different types and brands of products all in one place, and an ideal way for a customer to discover a new brand they didn’t know you stocked – or even one they’ve never come across before. Whether it’s a product for them, or the perfect gift for a loved one – the opportunity for discovery on a ‘New Products’ page is hard to ignore.

Is your eCommerce store’s ‘New Products’ page working for you?

If you’re concerned this crucial touchpoint with your customers isn’t up to scratch, we’re here to help. In addition to web development projects and ongoing support, we offer standalone consultancy services, audits and advice you can implement yourself or use to plan out your future. Think it’s your time to thrive? Get in touch at