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The Breakthrough Agency.

Break through
your ceiling
with outcomes
that really matter.

Need an uncompromising agency to help you unlock your growth and scale?
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Everything you need.

Our clients get:

  • Deeper Insights

    We’ll show you things you’ve been missing.

  • Sustainable Growth

    We empower your team with the right tools.

  • Outcome, not Output

    We focus on the metrics that matter.

Because we are:

  • The Experts

    We wrote the standards other agencies literally have to take as an exam.

  • Always Available

    Our unique pod-based approach gives you unparalleled access to our team.

  • Industry Leaders

    We're an Adobe Commerce partner - and the organisers of Meet Magento UK.

The team at JH have excelled in all areas, from the necessary, but mundane, to small incremental improvements collectively making a huge difference, to the larger more structural projects. We very much see JH as an extension of our team and have developed a very close working relationship. JH are able to ensure we continue to lead our industry.

Ecommerce brands often hit a
growth ceiling.

Here’s how we’ve helped clients smash through theirs.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • We’re constantly firefighting.

    So we spend almost zero time innovating and keep refixing the same problems.

  • Our systems are too complicated to change.

    We don’t know where to start (or if the whole thing will collapse if we do).

  • Our Agency made some changes. But we’re still stuck.

    And it’s started to feel like they may be what’s holding us back.

Let us inspire you.

Stay ahead of the game with the latest eCommerce trends and our hard won insights.

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